Would you like some extra cash on your leftover scrap metals at the end of the day? Interior Freight and Bottle Depot will now recyle your metals and we will pay you for it. We are now buying copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals. If you have any scrap metals, It's quick, easy to stop into our location in Vernon BC for metal Recycling.


Accepted Materials

#1 Bright & Shiny Copper

#2 Insulated Wire 

#1 Candy Copper

#1 Insulated Wire

#2 Copper

Aluminum Vehicle Rims

BX Cable 

Copper - Aluminum Fin Rafiators 
Copper & Brass Radiators

Copper Tech Cable 

Dirty Aluminum 50%

Extruded Aluminum 6063 
New Aluminum

Thermo-Break Aluminum 1 

Yellow Brass