Milk Cartons & Containers

We Accept:
Milk Plastic Up to & Including 500mL No Deposit

For all milk containers:

Capless: Remove any caps from containers

Cleaned: Give containers a quick rinse

Crushed: Crush containers from their sides

Milk Plastic 2L & Larger No Deposit
Milk Cartons Up to & Including 500mL No Deposit
Milk Cartons 1L & Larger No Deposit

Zero Deposit Paid = Zero Deposit Refunded

Even though milk containers are part of the Return-It system, you do not pay a deposit when you purchase milk. Because no deposit was paid, no deposit is refunded, but you'll be doing the right thing.

Please follow these steps before bringing in your Milk Cartons & Containers:

How do you return them?

It's easy!  Quickly rinse them out and crush them.

Remove Caps

We recycle those too.


It stops the smell.


The flatter the better.


Make it a habit.

(ENCORP - Return It)